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Fantasy and Fan Service
Orientalism in Art, 5/22

From art history to anime, join the team in a frank and relevant discussion on the history of Orientalism globally, and how this historical system of seeing the world resonates today. With special guests from DePaul University and the Tokyo House Party team, we will explore a dialogue on how we consume meaning through media, and how to encourage new ways of seeing in our shared communities.

  • 19:00: Momoment - moshi moshi from momo and the team
  • 19:15: Saira Chambers, Cultural Consumerism and the Power of Seeing

    From exoticism, odalisques, and harems fantasized in the art crafted by the “West” to capture the “East” to global imperialism and Edward Said’s reorientation of the world -- Saira will give a crash course on the history and art of Orientalism.

  • 19:30: Dr. Curt Hansman

    On February 19, 1942 - just two months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 --President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued United States Executive Order 9066 authorizing the Secretary of War and the U.S. armed forces commanders to declare areas of the U.S. as military areas “from which any or all persons may be excluded.” While no ethnic group was mentioned specifically, in practice Executive Order 9066 resulted in the incarceration of 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry over 62% of whom were natural born U.S. citizens. This order was rescinded on February 19, 1976 by President Gerald Ford.

    Japanese Americans especially those living in urban areas of the west coast were targeted for what was euphemistically termed relocation but which was in reality ‘incarceration; people of all occupations and classes were held in camps. The incarceration was grounded and justified within a profoundly racist world view. Government and popular media were complicit in the intensely dehumanizing anti-Japanese propaganda common in the U.S. during the wartime years. During this segment, we will look at three primary sources from the period, one presenting the U.S. Government rationale for ‘relocation’, and two views from the perspective of Japanese American citizens profoundly affected by it.

  • 20:00: Dr. Yuki Miyamoto, Romanticized and Dismissed: Asian Women in the Media in 1950s

    In 1955, when 25 women who suffered from the atomic bombing in 1945 from Hiroshima landed on the US to receive free reconstruction surgeries for their external wounds, the publicity was not about the horror of the nuclear attacks, but about post-war “American” identity—white, middle-class, Christian, patriarchal and heterosexual nuclear family living in suburbs—merciful to extend their hands to the former enemies. Not only did this propaganda tarnish each individual’s good intention, but also excluded the works by a number of Asian-American women who served as interpreters, accompanying those injured Japanese women (later called, Hiroshima Maidens). One of them was Yuri Kochiyama, who was forced to relocate with her family during WWII, and later became an activist, working with Malcolm X. The romanticization of Asian women, represented by Hiroshima “maidens,” dismissed those who would not fall into the agenda of the “post-war American identity.” Such treatment of women is not particular to the US media alone, but in Japan, as well. Romanticized and Dismissed will discuss Asian women’s media representations in the 1950s, mirroring the cases both in the US and Japan.

  • 20:30: Orientalism today / Q&A

    The Tokyo House Party team considers ‘fan service’, fantasy, the future we build together.


    Food, Anime, and City Pop explode in an epic DJ set collision between 2D & 3D worlds themed City Pop DJ Set from Van Paugam and Sentimental Tokyo!

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E18: Mahou Shoujo Month
Mahou Shoujo Month
A History of Magical Girls and Feminism in Japanese Art

Tokyo House Party invites contemporary Japanese and Japanese American women artists living in the United States to discuss a moment or movement in Japanese history that explores feminism in Japan. Each artist will be considering a different historical moment that directly influences their perspective and artistic direction. Later, each artist will join a conversation exploring their views and responses to ‘magical girls’ and contemporary feminism from the Japanese/Japanese American experience in the United States.

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E17: Acting Like a Woman
Acting Like a Woman
Gender Performance in Japanese arts from Onnagata to Takarazuka

Join the team in welcoming renowned Japanese performing artists to discuss the gender roles in Japanese theater and performing arts! We will speak with Shunojo Fujima, a Japanese classical dancer trained as an onnagata, or male actors who play the role of females in Japanese kabuki theatre. He will be joined by Yoshinojo Fujima, "Rika Lin" to discuss the performance of females. This conversation will be followed by an exploration of Takarazuka Revue with actress Yuuka Shiratorii who has played the roles both of men and women in this all female musical theater troupe.

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E16: Bubbles, Bijutsu, and Beats
Bubbles, Bijutsu, and Beats
The music, fashion, and art of Japan's "Bubble" era

Gillion Carrara founding Director of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Fashion Resource Center and Professor Adjunct discusses Japanese fashion designers 1980-today. Tokyo House Party host Saira Chambers gave a brief introduction to artists that respond to Japan's Bubble Economy focusing on Takashi Murakami's consumer culture in the Superflat. Allan Ikesaka, "J-Canuck", joined us to introduce us to the music of the "Bubble" in the late Showa period. As the founder of Kayo Kyoku Plus and an encyclopedia of Japanese music history - Alan schooled us!

E15: Neo-Tokyo
Imagining the future

Killakuma joined the party to chat about virtual avatars and identities while the Japan Information Center (JIC) brought a very special guest, Mochi the robotic seal! TOTO USA joined us to talk about the technology of toilets, and we wrapped with a chat about gender identity in cyborgs as we streamed Mamoru Oshii's 1995 animated film, Ghost in the Shell together!

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E14: Bonenkai
“Forget the Year” Party

A night of year end traditions from Japan! Five Elements Home joins to talk about Lunar New Year animals, Hadley Go Luckey makes a kurisumasu keki, and Vine Connections shares their top sake picks as no Bonenkai is complete without spirits! Van joins with a VERY special KFC themed holiday City Pop DJ set!

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E13: Kitsune Day
Kitsune Day
Foxes in folklore and food

We chat with author and folklorist Matthew Meyer in conversation about the Japanese fox or Kitsune as a Yokai. Onigiri Shuttle Kororin then joins the night to talk about Inari sushi and other fox approved snacks! Keep watching for the crew at the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue to talk about some local kitsune you can support here in Chicago!

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E12: Yurei, Yokai, and Amai
Yurei, Yokai, and Amai
Halloween Livestream

Join our team for a night of sweets, spooky stories, and shochu! We jump in with award winning author and Japanese folklorist Zack Davisson, spooky colored Japanese ice cream flavors with KURIMU, and the lesser known Japanese spirit - shochu - with Mesh&Bone!

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E11: The Art of Puroresu
The Art of Puroresu
Japanese Professional Wrestling

While anime, manga, and J-Pop carved their niche on America’s pop culture radar, Puroresu - or Japanese Professional Wrestling - has been mostly absent. Join Tokyo House Party as we explore the brutal and beautiful art of Puroresu live through the decades with professional wrestlers, and more!

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E10: Yasuke
The African Samurai

Tonight we explore this important figure in Japanese history, Yasuke, with the authors of African Samurai. We also get a preview of ‘Oni Fighter Yasuke’ - a brand new game in development by party host Derrick Fields of WakingOni Games , and a member of Mugai Ryu Iaido to talk swords and contemporary samurai stuff!

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E09: Atomic Art
Atomic Art
Art in the Atomic Age

Join the Tokyo House Party team on the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in talking about the intersection between art and activism exploring art in the Atomic Age. See a separate video on how to fold a crane and join our call for art to be included in public installation of origami cranes!

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E08: The Beat of Belonging with Tatsu Aoki
The Beat of Belonging
With Tatsu Aoki

From Tokyo geisha house to Tokyo House Party, this highly anticipated episode explores innovation through tradition in Japanese performance art with internationally renowned artist Tatsu Aoki. Learn about taiko, dance, shamisen and more from this legendary artist, and see performances by Tsukasa Taiko and Asian Arts Improv Midwest!

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E07: Ink Under the Surface
Ink Under the Surface
Irezumi or Japanese Style Tattooing

Tokyo House Party is bringing you yet another cool episode! This week's Art Hour explores Irezumi, or Japanese tattooing with renowned tattoo artist Andre Malcolm! We also chat with Justin Doggett, founder of Kyoto Black Coffee in Chicago to learn more about a Japanese, or Dutch, historical coffee making technique. It's a cool one with a very unique contest prize, don't miss it!

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