Tokyo House Party is a monthly livestreamed night of Japanese art and culture. Tokyo House Party is always free, and trust us – you’re invited. The party is open to conversation, and we chat in real time with your questions and thoughts as you share them. The party goes live at 6pm CDT here, or on our Twitch channel. You can find us/subscribe to our channel on Twitch

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Neo-Tokyo, 1/16
Imagining the future
  • 18:00: Momoment - moshi moshi from momo and the team
  • 18:15: Bijutsu Beat - Art Hour

    Killakuma joins the party to chat about virtual avatars and identities

    The Japan Information Center (JIC) brings a very special guest, Mochi the robotic seal!

    TOTO USA joins to talk about the technology of toilets!

  • 19:30: Waidoshō - The Wide Hour

    We wrap with a chat about gender identity in cyborgs as we stream Masamune Shirow's 1995 animated film, Ghost in the Shell together on Twitch!

  • 21:00: Sentimental Tokyo - Live with Van Paugam

    Our night wraps with a special Cyberpunk themed live DJ set from Van Paugam.

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E14: Bonenkai
“Forget the Year” Party

A night of year end traditions from Japan! Five Elements Home joins to talk about Lunar New Year animals, Hadley Go Luckey makes a kurisumasu keki, and Vine Connections shares their top sake picks as no Bonenkai is complete without spirits! Van joins with a VERY special KFC themed holiday City Pop DJ set!

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E13: Kitsune Day
Kitsune Day
Foxes in folklore and food

We chat with author and folklorist Matthew Meyer in conversation about the Japanese fox or Kitsune as a Yokai. Onigiri Shuttle Kororin then joins the night to talk about Inari sushi and other fox approved snacks! Keep watching for the crew at the Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue to talk about some local kitsune you can support here in Chicago!

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E12: Yurei, Yokai, and Amai
Yurei, Yokai, and Amai
Halloween Livestream

Join our team for a night of sweets, spooky stories, and shochu! We jump in with award winning author and Japanese folklorist Zack Davisson, spooky colored Japanese ice cream flavors with KURIMU, and the lesser known Japanese spirit - shochu - with Mesh&Bone!

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E11: The Art of Puroresu
The Art of Puroresu
Japanese Professional Wrestling

While anime, manga, and J-Pop carved their niche on America’s pop culture radar, Puroresu - or Japanese Professional Wrestling - has been mostly absent. Join Tokyo House Party as we explore the brutal and beautiful art of Puroresu live through the decades with professional wrestlers, and more!

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E10: Yasuke
The African Samurai

Tonight we explore this important figure in Japanese history, Yasuke, with the authors of African Samurai. We also get a preview of ‘Oni Fighter Yasuke’ - a brand new game in development by party host Derrick Fields of WakingOni Games , and a member of Mugai Ryu Iaido to talk swords and contemporary samurai stuff!

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E09: Atomic Art
Atomic Art
Art in the Atomic Age

Join the Tokyo House Party team on the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in talking about the intersection between art and activism exploring art in the Atomic Age. See a separate video on how to fold a crane and join our call for art to be included in public installation of origami cranes!

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E08: The Beat of Belonging with Tatsu Aoki
The Beat of Belonging
With Tatsu Aoki

From Tokyo geisha house to Tokyo House Party, this highly anticipated episode explores innovation through tradition in Japanese performance art with internationally renowned artist Tatsu Aoki. Learn about taiko, dance, shamisen and more from this legendary artist, and see performances by Tsukasa Taiko and Asian Arts Improv Midwest!

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E07: Ink Under the Surface
Ink Under the Surface
Irezumi or Japanese Style Tattooing

Tokyo House Party is bringing you yet another cool episode! This week's Art Hour explores Irezumi, or Japanese tattooing with renowned tattoo artist Andre Malcolm! We also chat with Justin Doggett, founder of Kyoto Black Coffee in Chicago to learn more about a Japanese, or Dutch, historical coffee making technique. It's a cool one with a very unique contest prize, don't miss it!

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