Introducing the
Japanese Arts Foundation!

The JAF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of Japanese culture and arts in Chicago.

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We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Japanese Arts Foundation!

 Our mission is to expand opportunity, education, and the sustainability of Japanese arts in Chicago through outreach to diverse communities like Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Public Library, museums, and other philanthropic organizations.

The Japanese Culture Center and the Japanese Arts Foundation will partner to continue hosting events and courses in support of Japanese culture and the arts. In the future, we hope to create more free events like the annual Kimono Exhibition. The Japanese Arts Foundation will support cultural classes and arts classes hosted at the Japanese Culture Center like shodo (calligraphy), chanoyu (the tea ceremony), suminagashi (paper marbling), sumi-e (ink painting), ikebana (flower arrangement), shibori (Japanese tye dyeing), and Butoh (a contemporary style of Japanese dance theater).

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