07/11: The Beat of Belonging with artist Tatsu Aoki!

From Tokyo Geisha House to Tokyo House Party, join in on this highly anticipated episode with international artist Tatsu Aoki!

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About this Event Series

We are coming together to connect our greater communities right where they are – at home! Celebrate Japanese art and pop culture with us, and get ready for daily programming with the launch of Radio Taiso.

Together we hope to support a space for communities to connect, learn, create, and care for one another through what we love most – Japanese art, food, and culture! 

Our individual worlds may feel small at this moment, but we hope to create a new, virtual, and expansive landscape as a community!

Tokyo House Party will always be free and accessible to all. If you would like to support the team at the Japanese Arts Foundation in keeping the party going and expanding its resources to bring you new programs, and very special guests – please consider contributing to us! 

7/11 Programming Schedule

The Beat of Belonging with Tatsu Aoki

Every other Saturday from 6-10pm, Tokyo House Party will explore a unique topic in Japanese art and pop culture, a live music set from City Pop DJ Van Paugum, and community watch parties with AnimeChicago!

The party will be live streaming and conversational. Be sure to RSVP below to receive the streaming links directly to your inbox at 2pm the day of the party.

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6:00pm - Introduction

We kick things off with our very own Momo-momment and recent updates for Tokyo House Party!

6:05pm - The Beat of Belonging

From Tokyo geisha house to Tokyo House Party, this highly anticipated episode explores innovation through tradition in Japanese performance art with internationally renowned artist Tatsu Aoki!

7:00pm - Performances

Performances of Taiko, Shamisen, Dance, and more by Tatsu and crew!

8:00pm - Murasaki Sake Lounge

Join us at our favorite Japanese bar to see Van DJ Live and learn more about learning taiko from Murasaki's owner, Jun Takanarita!

9:00pm - City Pop Hour: The Train Ride Home 🎵

Van Paugam, a Chicago Dj specializing in Japanese City Pop will be spinning live, at Murasaki!

Come Back for Part 2 With Saturday AM!

Cant Spell Anime Without "Me": Creating Representation in Anime & Manga (2-part Special on 6/27 & 7/25)

We're very excited to announce TWO special events! Our friends over at Saturday AM, a US-based publisher creating diverse manga and webcomics, are coming to visit us on Tokyo House Party! Mark your calendars for June 25th and July 27th because we're doing a two-part special episode, titled Can't Spell Anime Without Me: Creating Representation in Anime & Manga. For both episodes we are inviting the creators of Saturday AM as well as a few of their mangaka to talk about their experiences creating manga, live on Twitch.

(Part 2) Inspiring the Future
Saturday, July 25th at 2PM CDT
Following up our first event, star creators Whyt Manga, Andrea Doney will be joined by co-founder Raymond Brown to speak with us about each of their current series and what it's like to be a mangaka!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tokyo House Party located?

Tokyo House Party will be a nimble party that is fluid among streaming platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, Netflix and more! You’ll find our party most accessible if you sign up for these free platforms prior to Saturday so you can jump on in!

How often will this event occur?

Join us for programming every other Saturday, from 6:00 –10:00 pm.

About our Mascots

Amabie - Ama-hime, is a Yokai

From Zack Davisson

Out on the seas comes upon a strange vision. A three-legged half-fish person rises from the water and speaks a prediction; this year shall bring a great wealth of crops followed by a devastating plague. However, the fish creature says, show my picture to anyone stricken down by the disease and they shall be healed.

Amabie are one of several prophetic yokai. The follow the same basic pattern as modern chain emails, warning that horrific things will happen if their image is not shared widely. This causes people to replicate the image and share them with as many people as possible.

The legend of the amabie arose during the Edo period and has been all but forgotten over the years until a resurgence during the Covid pandemic of 2020.

Momo - Momo-chan, is a spicy shiba inu.

Momo supports social distancing, and her 6 foot special move is the ‘Tokyo Drift.’

Myles - black sesame, side sitting shiba inu.

Myles is the strong silent type. His special move is lurking behind doors to remind you he is there, at a distance.